Sunday, 22 January 2017

Great news

A few of you would've seen that The Silmarillion Symphony was recently featured on Sci-Fi Fantasy Network last week. I'm always very thankful when people share my work like this. So a very special thank you to Francesca at You can see the article here.

In the next couple weeks I'm going to be getting ready to do a blogging series, a sort of composer's journey spot chronicling my process of producing The Fall of Fingolfin. I'll be talking about plotlines, how the music shadows the book, and why I think this is all so important.

I'm relishing all the support I'm receiving from fans everywhere. If you're new to The Silmarillion Symphony, please subscribe to the blog, and of course the Facebook page.

If you haven't gotten hold of the new album, The Fall of Fingolfin, you can do so at my bandcamp page.

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